Teltow-Fläming district in Brandenburg by Seutter / Lotter

499 PLN

PRAEFECTURAE PRINCIPATUS QUERFURTENSIS DAHMIANA ET IÜTERBOCCENSIS cum vicinia oppidis, vicis, pagis accurate distincta, vaenit apu MATTHAEUM SEUTTERUM. GEOGR. CAESAR. AUG. VIND. Cum Priv: S. Reg: Polon: Elect: Saxon.

In a cartouche in lower right corner additional publisher's note: Anjezo im Verlag beÿ TOB: CONR: LOTTER Geogr in Augburg.

Pod mapą, w prawym rogu, sygnatura rytownika: Tob. Conr. Lotter Sc.

Map of surroundins of cities Dahme and Jüterbog (nowadays Brandeburg district Teltow-Fläming ), by M. Seutter(1678-ca 1757) prepared and fist published in the 1st half of the XVIIIth century. Here offered another state(edition) of the map published by Tobias Conrad Lotter(1717-1777), Augsburg, after 1757.

Original copperplate engraving, contemporary handcolor.

Map size : 49,8 x 58 cm .

Good condition: barely visible papere squeeze next to the centerfold

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