Mercator-map of Poland & Silesia

2898 PLN


Below the cartouche signature: Per Gerardum Mercatorem | Cum priuilegio

Verso: German text, pagination 329 and 232(should be 332) , signature: Oooo

Map first appeared in 1585 in Gerard Mercator's Germaniae tabulae geographicae...Duisburg,1585, then alos in first edition of Atlas sive cosmographicae meditationes...Duisburg,1595, published by his son Rumold  (ca 1545-99).

This particular map comes from later, first German, edition of  Der Atlas von Gerard Mercator un Iudocus Hondius ... , published by Mercator's succesors Johannes Janssonius and Jodocus Hondius, Amsterdam, 1633 .

Original copperplate engraving, map size 34,2 x 45,2 cm.

Good condition: wide margins, paper age-toned, little brown dots, visible centerfold

Bibliography :

Niewodniczański,T., Kozica K.,Imago Poloniae, Vol. II. pos. K75/1,

Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici,Vol.II.,1969r., pos. Me37

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