Krakow, Schenk, 1702


Titles in Dutch and Latin: CRACAU, eene ∫eer oude Groote  en vermaerde Stadt van gantsch Polen  

CRACOVIA, vetusti∫ima amplis∫imaq Poloniae  Civitas.        

Below to the left: Petr: Schenk ex: Am∫t:      
below to the right: Cum privil:    next to it :44

Illustration nr 44 from Petrus Schenk's rare portfolio of 100 city views titled Hecatompolis, sive Totius orbis Terrarum Oppida Nobiliora Centum; exquisite collecta atque eleganter depicta, Amsterdam, 1702.

Original copperprint with etching, XVIIIth c., framed. Size: 20,1 x 26,4 (plus 1cm below for the title).

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