Germany by Mercator / Cloppenburgh

644 PLN

GERMANIA | Petrus Kaerius Caelvit
Above the map in the middle:
Above the map, on the right side, pagination: 413.

Verso:  latin text

Map of Germany  from an uncommon, slightly larger, newly engraved(usually by P. van der Keere - latinized name  Kaerius) edition of Mercator's Atlas Minor titled  Atlas sive Cosmogrpahicae Medidaitiones de Fabrica mundi... , published in Amsterdam by Johaness Cloppenburgh, in 1632(just one  and only latin edition)

Original copperplate engraving, recently handcoloured, map size:

18,2 x 24,8 cm.   
Condition: in some places map area seems to be little rubbed off(esp. the right side), small folds.

Reference: Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, 1969, V.II., pos. Me 200.
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