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Tafereel, Of Beſchryving van der prachtigen TEMPEL der ZANG-GODINNEN, Vetrtoond in LX. Heerlyke Kunſtſtukken...

First edition (Dutch) of this book. Work describes and illustrates 60 ancient myths. Illustrations prepared mostly by Bernard Picart (1673-1733). Book published by Zacharias Chatelain, Amsterdam, 1733.

Size folio: 46,3 x 31,5 cm (pages 45,3 x 30,5 cm, prints ca 34,5 x 24,5 cm)


  • 9 unnumbered pages, 6 at the beggining (f.e. portrait of B. Picart, frontispiece, title-page, dedication) and 3 at the end (index)

  • 28 pages of introduction and list of plates, numbered: I-XXVIII.

  • 158 pages with text describing 60 myths

  • Plates: 60 illustration to myths, portrait  of B. Picart, frontispiece, initials and vigenttes,

Modern binding.

Complete, beautifully illustrated book with extra added portrait of B. Picart, engaved by his pupil - Jacobus van der Schley in 1734.

Condition: very good; minor flaws: yellowish paper, small waterstains on upper margins at the beginning of book.

Price: 12000 PLN
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