Cracow - Russians capture Wawel castle

660 PLN

Beneath view French title: La prise du Chateau de Cracovie 1771.
Above view Russian title: Wziatoje Krakowskowo zamka 1771. (?)

Above the view in the right corner, plate number : III

Beneath the view in the left corner sketcher's signature: Jaubert del. (?)
Beneath the view, in the right corner, barely visible engraver's signature: E:W: Kleyner Sc. 17?? (?)

Print shows an episode from so called Bar Confederation - uprising / civil war in Poland which ended up with the 1st partition of Poland . Confedertes taken over Wawel (from Russians)  in February 1772 , Russian recaptured castle after 2 months, and probably that capitulation of the confederated army is being shown here, inspite other date (1771 instead 1772) .

Illutration comes from a book/brochure  published at the end on XVIIIth or early XIXth century. 

Oiinal etching, sized 11,6 x 16,2 cm.

Condition - print dirty, paper worn , especially at fold at the bottom(little tear there), signatures barely visible.

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