Cracow - market in Klaparz

440 PLN

Title beneath view: TARG NA KLEPARZU W KRAKOWIE.

Above view : AKWARELLA J. KOSSAKA | Na Wystawie Towarzystwa Zachęty Sztuk Pieknych w Krakowie.

In the lower left corner engraver's signature: B. PUC | B B

Decorative Kleparz market scene in Cracow, after watercolor by Juliusz Kossok. Original wood-engraving, recently handcoloured, published as an illustration to weekly magazine titled Biesiada Literacka from 1884.

Print size: 16,7 x 21,7 cm(framed 37 x 39 cm)

Condition - yellowish paper, dirt in the upper right part.

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