Bremen and Verden by Homann

605 PLN

DUCATUS BREMAE et FERDAE Nova Tabula edita a IOH. BAPT. HOMANNO Norimbergae. Cum Privilegio Sac. Cae. Majet.

Above the map written with ink page number: in the middle 69. ; in right corner 68.

Decorative and detailed map of duchies of Bremen and Verden, published by Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724) or his heirs in the mid XVIII th century (after 1715 when J.B.H. received the privilege mentioned in the cartouche).

Original copperplate engraving, contemporary handcolor.

Map size: 48 x 55,7 cm.

Condition: waterstains and discoloration in uppr right corner, papaer squeeze at the bottom, narrow upper margin

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